El amor de los dos ositos

The love of the Two
Little Bears

Symphonic fairy tale for soprano, mezzo and orchestra

On poems by
Carlos Murciano
    1. El adiós (Farewell)
      A tender love scene between the two bears begins in a ride through Madrid on the cart that Cibeles has lent them. The scene ends with a dramatic “adios”.
    2. La ausencia (Absence)
      In her solitude the little female bear mourns the absence of her male partner and sings with sadness and nostalgia to the Brandenburg Gate.
    3. El regreso (The Return)
      The two little bears celebrate to meet again and sing about their love and happiness.

World Premiere

Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
November 5, 2008
Soloists: Marussa Xyni, soprano / Ulrike Mayer, mezzo
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Madrid Berlín
Conductor: Miguel Angel Gómez Martinez



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